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Using Local Citations & Directories is effective for Local SEO

A web directory creates an index of websites using their URLs. It categorizes these and makes them available to search engines.

Classification uses the whole website instead of a page of keywords. This condition captures the essence of a site and limits it to only a few categories.

Having our website in a popular web directory improves its search engine optimization. You can include your site URL to a listing using directory submission.

Local Directory Submission
what is directory submissions

What Is Directory Submission?

How Does Directory Submission Benefit a Website?

Directory submissions provide the following advantages to your website:

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Having the URL of your website in top directories is great for exposure. This factor improves your backlinks to improve your search engine ranking.

It is one reason why free direct submissions are not encouraged. These have little to no effect on the SEO results of your site.

Increase Your Link Popularity

The number of quality backlinks your website has, contributes to its search engine rankings.

Directory submissions provide these high-quality backlinks as an advantage.


Search engines use indexes to locate websites based on search parameters. Directory submissions get your URL into top directories as indexes.

With the appropriate linking methods, search engines can reach your URL via another directory.

Generate Traffic

Adding the appropriate information and categories to your directory submission ensures that it gets included in the proper search engine listings.

It improves your page ranking for search results related to the categories and keywords you added. The addition also increases the probability of your URL getting clicked, generating traffic for your site.

Best Practices for Directory Submission

Here are a few things you should check out when submitting your website to a web directory:

Some actions negatively affect your website in a directory. You should try and avoid the following during web submission:

Successful Directory Submission


Directory submission can waste your time if you do it right the wrong way.Β 

Imagine making directory submissions in Australia for United States listings when directories in your location will be most effective for back-linking.

You will also be competing with directory submissions in the USA when you may have no business there in the first place.

The tips shared in this article should guide you to improve your SEO by avoiding some of these common mistakes.

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