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Link Building for an eCommerce Website – How to Do It Effectively

Link building for an eCommerce website is an important part of SEO. You want to rank high on Google for the most relevant terms because this is similar to having a physical store on a busy street. In a sense, you get more sales because you’re ranked highly when people wish to spend money!

There are many on-site SEO tactics you should consider, but you also have to think about your link-building strategy to stay competitive and rank highly on search engines. Let’s learn more!

How to do effective ecommerce link building

Proven Strategies for Building Links
on an eCommerce Site

Here are the top strategies to consider when link building for an eCommerce website:

Linkable Content

Create Linkable Assets

One way to get links is to add a blog to the site with interesting and relevant content. Then, reach out to others to get them to link back to the articles. You can do the same for them, as well.

The goal is to find appropriate content that naturally attracts links. Search for your competitor in your link tool and see what pages have multiple referrals. Gather a list of assets.

With ideas in hand, you can create better content than the competition. This increases the chances of others linking to you instead of your competitors. Here are the top types of linkable assets to consider:

Widgets and Tools

These are some powerful assets that attract many referrals when you reach out to others.

In-depth Guides

An in-depth guide should focus on topics related to your industry, and it might produce countless backlinks. Just make sure you provide factual information.

Original Research and Reports

This might not work for everyone, but if you perform research within the industry, use that to inform others and get helpful backlinks.

FAQ Pages

Create FAQ Pages

FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages are valuable resources that offer solutions to problems in the niche or industry. They are linkable assets, but they often attract links differently.

Instead of outreach, the goal is to rank your page higher on the SERPs for long-tail keywords relating to one topic. When people search for those things, they get referred to your post.

The pages have higher visibility rates and problem-solve naturally, so people may share them on social media and forums or use them as a reference for other blog posts.

Niche Edits

Niche edits are effective for many eCommerce brands. You search on Google for relevant topics about your product and contact the webmaster to ask if they will insert a link in their content to your site.

Generally, you must pay for these links. However, you often acquire them quickly, so this can have a positive effect on your ROI.

Niche Edits Link Building

Digital PR

Digital PR is an excellent strategy for link building for an eCommerce website. It’s often hard to pull off because you need a story that generates press attention and must have a relationship with bloggers or journalists. You can use it in various ways, such as:

Release Interesting Products

When you release a new product, you can get press attention and links.

Charity Work or Donations

If you donate to a worthy cause or host events for charities, you can get press attention that might lead to links. Generally, it’s wise to write the press release and send it to newspapers.


Use a game or competition to generate buzz for your brand. This will ultimately lead to links if you do it correctly.


If you can get your product on a website that talks about β€œthe best” items, you could get many links from that. Research blogs and sites that cover your niche and contact the ones that publish roundups relating to your product. Ask to be featured in a future article! Sometimes, you have to pay or send a product to review, but it could be worth it!


Help A Reporter Out and similar sites are a great way for eCommerce stores to get traction. Journalists look for input from this website and get inspiration from businesses like yours.


If you’re willing to honor the offers you provide, you can use discount codes to get backlinks. Websites often list places that sell certain products and where to buy them for less money. However, this usually has a tendency of producing broken links when the discount period ends.

Affiliate Partnerships

Affiliate partnerships are excellent for increasing sales and getting people to your site. However, you can use it for link building for your eCommerce website, as well.

You’ve got to choose the right partners, but you could end up with many links from high-quality websites. Those often go directly to product pages, which saves you effort and money.

However, the tricky part is developing the affiliate program and recruiting people. Therefore, it’s not necessarily a quick option, but it does work!

Affiliate Partnerships
Buying Links

Buying Links

Most people don’t like talking about buying links, but it is a great strategy. However, you must choose a reputable company, such as Worldwide Backlinks. This brand has over 100,000 publishers to help you reach website owners in your niche. It’s so easy to use and is highly effective. See how it helped by viewing the case study.


When it comes to link building for an eCommerce website, you’ve got to focus on the products you sell and market yourself to the right audience. The strategies listed here will work, but you can also buy links from Worldwide Backlinks. Give it a try now!

Link Building for Ecommerce

Frequently asked questions

There are many ways to generate links for your eCommerce site, and it doesn’t have to focus solely on the product pages. Consider getting feedback, publish statistics pages, get listed on the β€œwhere to buy” websites, and request guest posts for your blog!

Most eCommerce stores focus solely on selling products, and there’s likely repetition throughout the web pages. You may not have as many keywords to rank for, or they may have a high search volume. Link building for an eCommerce site is only one part of the puzzle. It’s best to create a full strategy that focuses on this and other on-site SEO techniques.

Link building for an eCommerce website gives you credibility and helps search engines find your store. This offers higher revenue opportunities and more web traffic.

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