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Link Building for a New Website What You Should Know

Link Building for a New Website. What You Should Know

Most people don’t realize that everyone was a newbie to SEO at some point or another. Launching a website is often exciting for the business owner or person, but that leads to disappointment when you get no traffic! Though SEO has changed in many ways, the one thing that’s stayed the same is the benefits of links. While Google only recently made it a top priority, the best SEO experts have been using it for decades.

Link building for a new website is different than if you’re already established. While you can find easy ones, the good ones take time to receive unless you purchase them from a reputable source. You’re always focused on asking for and attracting the link, but the site itself must be worthy of them, and you shouldn’t neglect offline channels.

Let’s figure out how to build links for your new website using time-tested strategies:

Have Excellent Content Before Beginning

You should be checking your competition’s websites to see what they’re putting out there and make sure yours is better or different. However, the best thing to do is see what isn’t available and create it.

Evergreen content is crucial because the information doesn’t change often. It can sit on your blog for years attracting attention without multiple modifications.

Without relevant and interesting content, you get behind before you start. Likewise, you don’t want to buy links that don’t fit in with your niche. They must be excellent!

Excellent Content
No 404 Errors and Properly Working External Links

No 404 Errors and Properly Working External Links

You don’t want to have external links that don’t work and various 404 pop-up errors because they’re bad for usability. In fact, we always recommend using tools to check for these problems, such as crawlers and Google Search Console.

It’s easy to be at a disadvantage when you have subpar content on the site, but broken links are almost worse!

Targeting Indexable Pages

Creating a robots.txt file is crucial, but you have to know how to use it. Many times, entire websites get blocked because of one code in the wrong spot. You may not realize it, but it happens often, so make sure you check that.

Target Indexable Pages

Claim Social Channels and Link to Them

It takes time to build a useful following of people for a new website. Therefore, it’s best to start immediately. If possible, send out teasers before the site launches to generate a buzz!

Once you craft amazing content (blog posts and articles), add social media buttons so that people can share the information. Don’t make it hard for people, or they won’t do it at all!

Claim Social Channels
Setup Alerts from Google

Set Up Alerts from Google and More

You can set up an alert for Google that sends information when you use relevant keywords or when competitors talk about you. The goal is to find mentions, so if your website is showcased without a link, make sure you reach out to the brand to request one be added!

Likewise, these alerts help you see what the competition does. Maybe they wrote an article that you get a new idea from. Regardless, you can reach out to influencers and followers to get links, but ensure you don’t already have one from them first!


Help A Reporter Out is a free tool you can use. Journalists often request sources for their articles, so they go to this hub and ask for help. If you reach out to them and have the information they want, you could get great links. HARO is also used to generate new content ideas, but it’s up to you to find a way to use them differently than the competition.

Answer Quora Questions

Quora is an excellent place to build authority in your niche, but you can also find many new ideas for content. Just remember that the links you get from here are “nofollow.” Therefore, they don’t help you rank higher on search engines, but they still ensure you receive more traffic.

Competitor Links Check

Go to your favorite link tool and find out which links the competition uses. Then, create a list and reach out to those influencers and websites yourself. You shouldn’t mimic the competition’s profile exactly, but it’s a good place to start.

Just make sure you’re vetting each link because your competitors are likely to have bad ones that you don’t want to use.Overall, if you would want that link on your website, pursue it. Don’t get one because the main competitor does.

Competitor Link Check

Check out New Links

Though you don’t want to get the exact same links as the competitors, you should be checking their sites each week to see if they’ve gained new ones. Assess those to find great opportunities for your brand.

Unique Content Types

Text is always king for content, but you should be branching out into visual elements to make your articles stand out more. Here’s an example: you create a yoga book but use drawings instead of photographs of real people. It adds some uniqueness, but it’s likely imperfect, so you’re showing the brand’s “human side,” too.

Break Things Up

Long-form content is crucial, and most search engines and SEO experts believe it’s the best. However, you can still break things up into separate and releasable chunks. For example, you create a video series relating to your business. Release small snippets of the long video separately. This leads to the full video release, but everyone gets teasers periodically to keep their interest piqued.

Conclusion Link Building


Link building for a new website isn’t easy, but the ideas presented here can help. If you don’t want to spend all that time finding them yourself, you’re in luck! Worldwide Backlinks can help you reach thousands of websites and influencers! Give us a try today!

Frequently asked questions

Link building focuses on you acquiring hyperlinks from another website to add to your site. The goal here is to raise the quantity of high-quality links to a page to boost its ranking. Google sees you as more authoritative (when you get excellent links).

Yes! Link building for a new website improves your site’s performance and can increase traffic!

Backlinks are the links pointing from another website to yours. Link building and backlinks are important for ranking purposes.

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