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Guest Posting Services

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Buy Backlinks from Websites All Over the World

Is it true that, despite having high-quality content, your website is developing at a slow pace?

Don’t be concerned. You are not alone in this struggle.

In the last decade, there have been at least a thousand site owners that hit the SOS button due to the same problem.

However, here’s the thing: most of them already knew the answer and were just looking for confirmation.

You’re aware of that as well. It’s all about high-quality backlinks. (If you have high-quality content, that is.

Even though they knew the remedy, most of these website owners were helpless because excellent backlinks are difficult to come by and may take devoted resources to establish.

When you look at the top-ranked pages on Google and try figuring out why some of the most competitive content isn’t ranking first, you can come up with only one solution. Backlinks are what they’re called.

Backlinks have a lot of clout in the SEO field, and Google is no exception.

Buy backlinks around the world

Need International Backlinks? We Got you Covered!

Obtaining mentions from specific countries can be challenging, especially when trying to obtain relevant backlinks from websites that are not your mother tongue.  Our team of specialists can help!

why buy backlink

What's involved in getting backlinks?

Backlinks have been proven to be one of the biggest contributors to how a website performs when it comes to SEO & individual keyword rankings

Unsure if link building is suitable for your marketing campaign?

You could say that the major reason you’d want to purchase backlinks is because all the popular kids are doing it, but that’s not the only one.

The following are some other reasons to purchase backlinks:

Link Relevance

Ultimately, it’s worth noting that a great deal has changed in terms of buying backlinks, with the most significant difference being that Google engines are becoming increasingly adept at determining which backlinks are beneficial and which are irrelevant.

As a result, as much as you want to buy excellent backlinks to boost your website’s upvotes, you must be cautious since you can’t buy any link and expect to succeed.

However, that’s not all; if you hire the wrong SEO firm, you could find yourself doing black hat link building. As a result, you may receive low-quality links to your website.

This is a major risk, and if Google discovers that you bought low-quality purchased links, you might easily get penalized for breaking Google’s criteria. Though frightening and perplexing, consider this: regardless of the method you employ to obtain connections to your site, you are still purchasing links in one way or another.

Therefore, if you want to find the top backlinks the right way, you need to think smart and follow our method. Even as Google gets wiser at discovering how various organizations acquire backlinks or purchased links, the truth is that if Google can identify relevancy, it ignores the means by which you received the backlinks.

Benefits of buying backlinks

There is easy outreach
You obtain quicker results
This gives your business a competitive edge

Essential Characteristics of Backlinks

The most crucial thing to remember when buying backlinks is that the link’s relevance & quality is the most essential characteristic of the backlinks.

This means you should purchase the backlinks that are highly relevant to your site.

Ultimately, Google is concerned with the relevance and quality of the backlinks, which is why they frequently penalize websites with spammy, irrelevant, or low-quality links. Thus, if you stay away from these three types of links, you do not have to worry about getting in trouble with Google.  Quality over quantity definitely applies to link building.

Backlink Quality
Things to Avoid when Buying Backlinks

Things to avoid when buying backlinks

Buying backlinks from across the world has the potential to make or break your business, but you must obey the regulations and treat your brand with respect. Avoid low-quality links, don’t infringe Google’s regulations and risk being punished, don’t use spammy outbound links, and make sure your links are beneficial.

You must also evaluate the links you are considering against your specified minimum requirements. Utilizing our blogger backlink service, we can help you acquire links that satisfy the quality and relevancy parameters Google is looking for. We use links from across the world to ensure you receive exactly what you want.

Worldwide Backlinks has been growing its database constantly. To keep the process active, our SEO experts share high-quality content on a regular basis.

Guest Post Benefits

What makes us different?

Content quality, consistency, thorough website vetting & guaranteed indexing!

Competitive pricing

There are many backlink vendors who will charge significant amounts of money for their guest posts, we provide industry standard pricing with added benefits

Your privacy matters to us!

We understand sometimes backlink & outreach campaigns can be sensitive in nature, none of your information will be shared at any time to anyone outside of WWB.


The proof is in the pudding - we can prove our services drive organic performance.

Continuous Improvement

We have a team who are dedicated to finding new opportunities for our clients, we help you stay ahead of the game.

Guest Post Examples

Apprehensive? Here's what our clients say

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“WWB have always exceeded my expectations, both results & deliverables wise”
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“WWB have always exceeded my expectations, both results & deliverables wise”
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“WWB have always exceeded my expectations, both results & deliverables wise”

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