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Niche Edits Services

Create value through a link-building strategy that leverages niche edits. Work with us to improve your search rankings and drive referral traffic.

Our Pricing For Niche Edit Backlinks

DR 20+ Backlink

$150 $125

14 Days Maximum TAT

DR 30+ Backlink

$220 $175

14 Days Maximum TAT

DR 20-35 Premium

$239 $189

14 Days Maximum TAT

The prices listed are in US dollars (USD).

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What Are Niche Edits?

Essentially known as contextual or curated backlinks, niche edits work by adding a link in an existing piece content through the appropriate anchor texts. 

Niche editing requires editing permissions from website owners so that you can link your website to theirs. In comparison to guest posting, niche editing is a much more seamless way of weaving in valuable links for improved organic performance. It serves to both update existing content as well as drive traffic to the hosting site and the linked site.

Niche Link Edits

What Are The Three Types of Niche Edits?

White Hat

White-hat link-building tactics often tend to bring value to the site that they appear in. The organic process of manually reaching out to other website owners to trade online content for a backlink enhances its credibility in terms of value.

Grey Hat

The grey hat approach involves paying a third-party service provider for the niche edit service. A midpoint between black and white-hat technique, this gives you time to focus on building the enterprise’ other aspects.

Page Hacking

Otherwise known as the black-hat technique, this form of niche editing entails unethical link indexing practices. It involves hacking into another website and inserting your link into their content.
This is a highly frowned upon practice, as search engines like Google will penalise you.

How Should You Use Niche Edit Backlinks?

Venturing into the world of using niche edit backlinks? It’s essential that your vendor abides by Google’s guidelines.

Focus on Content​

Adding backlinks without adequate online content is pointless. The first step to proper link-building is to audit, build, and refresh the existing and new content on your website. Here’s how you can do that.

Use Links with Strong Authority

Using backlinks with strong authority is key to having well-executed niche editing. We recommend getting your links on websites that boast high relevance and authority, because it means the right audience will view your links, which spells better return on investment for your website.

Authority Links
intelligent anchor texts

Use Relevant Keywords in Anchor Texts An Intelligent Anchor Text

Improve your link-building campaign by writing concise, descriptive, and keyword-relevant anchor texts. These help Google understand your page and visitors to better identify with the content.

Use Niche Editing To Boost Your SEO

Niche edit backlinks are advantageous for your brand website’s performance on search engine results pages. Work with our team of specialists to see how our services can help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Niche Edit Links

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