Marijuana Thailand Link Building | Weed SEO Case Study 🌿

Marijuana Thailand Case Study

Niche link-building: The cannabis industry

About The Website

There’s a story to the domain, which we’ll save for another day. Put simply, the site was built with the purpose of proving a point – that our link-building services can and do drive impressive results. 

The cannabis industry is a niche one, for obvious reasons. Regardless of the country from which you operate or target, the industry is fraught with legalities, misconceptions, and a diverse range of takes. 

Our team worked on improving the website’s rankings by optimising for its main money keywords, in a span of 3 months using a mix of technical search engine optimisation (SEO) and link-building tactics. 

With our premium backlink services, the site climbed out of Google’s sandbox – a place where new websites that do not rank organically for 3 to 6 months are grouped in.

Ranking as an informative cannabis site in 3 months

At first blush, it seems like a far-fetched challenge to be ranking a site built on a niche industry like cannabis in just 3 months. However, we made sure of one thing; making the domain an Exact Match Domain. 

Presently, there is a lot of speculation in the SEO community around the topic of Google’s sandbox, which is marked at around 6 months. It may take some sites longer, or a shorter time frame to climb out, but this period is crucial for any new sites when it comes to ranking organically in search engines without significant press releases, social media, or referral traffic.

Thailand Weed Analytics
Thailand Weed Backlink Case Study

A springboard for testing our services

With a set of unusual demands, the cannabis site was a great springboard for testing what we could do with our services. And, in the cannabis industry, the niche itself is one of the toughest to perform in. Here’s what we did:

We started getting legit enquiries!

The Weed Case Study
The Weed in Thailand Case Study
The Weed Case Study 3

Results that speak for our premium services

Well, the proof is in the pudding. Our results speak louder than words.

Link Building Case Study | GA

1st page keyword rankings

Our client's website landed on the #8 spot for the keyword ‘weed Thailand’ on Google within three months.

Accelerated organic traffic

Our customer’s website amassed hundreds of organic users per day from Thailand & across the globe.

Long term SEO strategy

We helped our client’s website succeed and made them pleased through the combination of onsite SEO, content, link-building, and other high-quality services listed on our platform.

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