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Publisher News Website Link Building

Publisher News Website Link Building

What Should You Know about Link Building for a Publisher Website?

A publisher website bears quite the mantle of responsibility, considering the effort required in content validation, compilation, posting, and more.

Since web traffic is crucial to evaluating the success or lack thereof of these publishing efforts, all aspects of SEO need to be on point. Link building is arguably one of the most important.

Today, we’re going to cover its important elements briefly, yet comprehensively. That way, you’ll know everything you need to about the process as you put a link-building strategy together.

What you should know about publisher link building
Understanding Backlinks

Understanding Link Building

Link building is a fairly simple process to articulate, but one that takes mastery to pull off effectively. You could define it as nothing more than getting hyperlinks to other websites placed on yours. It sounds straightforward, doesn’t it?

You grab some links, throw them on your page, and people can use them to navigate to the respective content to gain more context.

The “grabbing” element is being very much oversimplified here. These links must be properly qualified and sometimes extensively sought out if they are to be worth it.

What Search Engine See in Links

This is one of the biggest pieces of the link-building puzzle. You’re doing all of this because of the way it impacts the relationship between your website and search engine rankings. Considering you want as much traffic as possible as a publisher site, this is even more important.

Search engines use links in two major ways. The first and more obvious one is determining how well pages should rank in search results.

Second, before any ranking happens, web pages must be discovered. The link-building process will help your content to become indexed in the first place provided that it demonstrates relevance and authority for applicable keywords.

What search engines see in link building

Getting Started on the Link Building Train

You can take several approaches to link building, all with varying degrees of success. That being said, there are some pretty fundamental insights you can use to improve your chances of achieving the desired outcome. Consider these:

Seek out forums, introduce yourself, and hop into existing conversations

Look for social media and blog posts that may be relevant and leave comments that can blossom into insightful discussions

Understand who popular experts may be depending on what you may be publishing and ensure you include links to their content

If you see the perfect article in the online space, ask for permission to use all or a part of it on your own site

Invite bloggers to write reviews or guest posts on the content you're publishing

Quality and Not Quantity

In the world of link building, your success is highly dependent on relevant and quality content. There’s no going around it, as much as you’d probably like to. Therefore, under no circumstances should you go on an intense and crazy mission to gather as many different links as possible.

Instead, the right approach is to spend time qualifying individual links that can improve the level of authority associated with your site.

Quality vs quantity

Balancing Authority and Relevance

Unfortunately, this is a balance that some web pages forget is essential. Undoubtedly, the official site of Toyota would be an authoritative resource. What if you were looking for a treadmill, though? There are better and more relevant places to look.

This may be an extreme example, but it helps to get the point across. It’s not all about reputation. How the content on the authority side fits in with your own and the objective you’re trying to achieve should also be at the forefront of your mind.

The more closely related the sites are to yours, the better.

Positioning Optimally

Did you know that the position of the links you build is also something to think about extensively? Remember that a web page is a highly customizable thing, and you can do whatever you want with its layout.

This allows you to place your links very well or more terribly than you can imagine. Links placed in sidebars and footers have their place. Contact pages and the like are examples of those that can benefit from that kind of placement.

However, the links that you build should almost exclusively be found in the middle of the website’s body content. That’s where you get to see what they are worth.

Proper Anchor Texts

Proper Anchor Text

The anchor text is the actual word or collection of words that people will click on to view the content embedded in the link. You may think that your only concern is making it appealing enough to human understanding and interest.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth! What if you were told that search engines such as Google use anchor text as one of their many ranking signals?

That’s not to say you should abuse the idea of keyword-stuffed anchor text. In today’s SEO context, that is considered quite spammy. However, a relevant term in your links here and there while keeping them relevant overall is never a bad idea.

What about Co-occurrences?

Remember that your links are not meant to be isolated. You can use the text around them to take advantage of co-occurrences. For example, Google will use context clues from phrases or words in proximity to your links to get ideas of what your page is about and how relevant it may be to a search.

So, if you have a link with the anchor text “desserts,” perhaps words such as “cake,” “meal,” or “ice-cream” being near it would be incredibly valuable.

Link Relevance


Link building for a publisher site can be very rewarding when done right. The elements covered above are those often at the core, regardless of which strategy is used. Nevertheless, getting the mix right can be challenging and incredibly time-consuming.

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Frequently asked questions

The best way to plan such a strategy is to get to know your audience, do a competitive analysis, and understand where both relevance and authority lie in your niche.

Link building has many benefits including greater site credibility, more revenue opportunities, improved niche relationships, becoming an authority site, achieving better search engine rankings, etc.

You should outsource because of the complexity of the landscape that comes with getting the link-building process right. We’re here to simplify it all!

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