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How Wikipedia Page Edits Can Transform Your Company

Founded in 2007, Wikipedia has become one of the most popular sites in the world. Known for being an online encyclopedia, it is favored for providing reliable information that is easy to navigate.

This popularity is what makes Wikipedia a fantastic way to promote your brand. Most people wouldn’t think of Wikipedia as a marketing tool because it’s not intended to be one. However, with the proper strategy, anything can become an opportunity to increase business.

To learn about Wikipedia page creation and how it helps your brand, check our blog. This article will cover another way to use Wikipedia for promotion: editing.

What Are the Options for Editing on Wikipedia?

What Are the Rules for Editing on Wikipedia?

Generally, anyone is allowed to edit a Wikipedia article unless it is restricted. However, self-editing is severely frowned upon. Creating or editing information about yourself or your company is seen as a conflict of interest. As a trusted source of information, Wikipedia does not support this and may remove your content.

In terms of editing someone else’s content, a person is free to do so provided the information they’re adding is correct and verifiable. A moderator will check the edit and decide if it is appropriate. Obvious self-promotion or biased content is almost immediately rejected.

Wikipedia Editing Rules
Chances of Edited Content Being Approved

What Can Increase the Chances of Edited Content Being Approved?

New information that is relevant to the topic and can be verified is most likely to get approval. Additionally, your edits are more likely to be published if you have someone do them on your behalf, either by hiring or requesting.

Edits made too frequently to a company website may seem suspicious. Save your edits for when there is something new to report or correct, not simply to keep the page current.

Be respectful of other Wikipedia pages. A short reference of your company next to relevant information is acceptable. Turning another article into a promotional page is not.

What Are the Benefits of Wikipedia Editing?

Page edits on Wikipedia allow you to keep your company information up to date. You ensure that your consumers have access to facts rather than the speculations of an outsider. Editing Wikipedia pages also allows you to insert backlinks that will drive traffic to your website.

Perhaps the best benefit of editing is raising awareness of your brand. While traffic is exciting, it’s more important to have people recognize your brand.

If a consumer reads that Abyssinian article and sees your edit, they will likely continue reading without checking your link. However, the next time they notice your brand name, they will feel a sense of familiarity. They may even remember the information you included in the article. This increases their likelihood of engaging with your brand.

Combined with proper SEO and backlinks, Wikipedia page edits are an effective way to boost your company.

Benefits of Wikipedia Editing

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Frequently asked questions

Anyone can submit edits on Wikipedia. They don’t even have to create an account. However, this does not mean their contributions will be approved.

People writing about themselves or their company are more likely to have their edits rejected. Moderators favor edits that are from reputable, unbiased, verifiable sources.

The time it takes to see your submitted edits can vary. It largely depends on the popularity of that Wikipedia page and how many other edits are waiting for approval. You may be waiting anywhere from days to months.

This is also why we don’t recommend frequent edits. By the time a request gets approved, the information may no longer be accurate. It is best to combine several smaller edits into one large editing session.

Yes, but it will be met with resistance. Moderators on Wikipedia despise self-editing. They are more likely to reject submissions they believe have a conflict of interest. To get around this, find a third-party to edit for you.


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