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Wikipedia Links References

Wikipedia Links References

Using Wikipedia Backlinks to Maximize Traffic​

Using Wikipedia Backlinks to Maximise Traffic

One of the most difficult aspects of owning a brand is marketing. In a highly competitive field, an SEO website can only do so much. How do you keep your company from being buried in the search results? What can you do to combat declining visitation and engagement? Is there any hope for a smaller business to stand out among the rest?

Do not feel discouraged if you have these questions. Traffic is easy to gain if you know the right marketing strategies. One of these is backlinking. Through sites such as Wikipedia, backlinking can boost your traffic almost overnight.

Is Backlinking Allowed on Wikipedia?

Of course! Go to a popular Wikipedia page, and you will find a list of outbound links at the bottom. These links mimic a reference list in a traditional encyclopedia.

That said, you can’t freely link to your website. While anyone can edit Wikipedia, moderators check existing page edits and new page creations. If they do not approve of the content, your contributions will be removed. Continuing to link afterward may result in your account being banned.

Is Backlinking Allowed on Wikipedia
Is Backlinking Allowed on Wikipedia

Why Would Moderators Remove Edits?

Wikipedia is designed to be a source of unbiased information. Marketing and promoting on the site create a conflict of interest. To maintain the credibility and reliability of the site, moderators will remove any content that seems too biased. To learn how to safely edit Wikipedia, refer to our blog.

How to Backlink on Wikipedia

With how strict moderators can be, you may be wondering how it’s possible to promote your brand on Wikipedia. The key is to remain neutral and factual. How do you do this?

The first thing you need to do is hire someone to edit Wikipedia on your behalf. This includes creating and editing your brand’s page as well as editing other pages. To avoid a conflict of interest, companies are discouraged from writing content about themselves. Hiring a third party will get around this rule.

Your next step is to consider what parts of your website you want to create backlinks for. Wikipedia discourages links that directly improve your site’s ranking in a search engine. In fact, all backlinks on Wikipedia are “no-follow” links. Using a special tag, search engines are told to ignore the link in their results.

In other words, don’t use a link simply because you think it will lead people to the Wikipedia article. Instead, focus on quality. What part of the article contains information found within that link? Is this information unique to my webpage?

Backlinks containing relevant and unique information are more likely to be approved. This content should be difficult to find anywhere else on the internet without leading to the same source. Research data and personal information are most likely to receive footnotes and backlinks.

Benefits of Backlinking on Wikipedia

When you have a backlink on Wikipedia, you are telling people where they can find more details about something that interests them. This leads to them being guided to your website. You can use this to send consumers directly to a list of products, new promotions, or a blog.

Having a backlink on Wikipedia also makes your brand seem more reputable. Moderators often check links and remove ones that are fake, misleading, broken, or unrelated to the tagged content. Having an approved backlink means your website is trustworthy and safe to click on.

In our blog, we cover how to edit Wikipedia. One of the benefits of this is putting your own backlinks on other pages. This allows you to pull traffic that you otherwise would not have access to.

Benefits of Backlinking on Wikipedia
Where to Get Help Backlinking on Wikipedia

Where to Get Help Backlinking on Wikipedia

It can be tricky trying to adhere to Wikipedia’s rules while subtly promoting yourself. That’s where we come in. Worldwide Backlinks specializes in high-quality backlinks for any website.

What is a high-quality backlink? It is one that has been used carefully to avoid triggering Google’s anti-backlink technology. Low-grade services often do not understand Google and Wikipedia’s policies well enough to not violate them while still optimizing the page. At Worldwide Backlinks, we only offer you the best.To get started, make a free account and view the various services we offer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Frequently asked questions

Abusing Wikipedia’s policies can result in your account being banned. Even respectful self-editing is met with disapproval. Despite this, backlinking remains one of the best ways to draw traffic to your website. Done properly, a Wikipedia backlink does not suggest a conflict of interest and becomes a valuable tool to passively promote your brand to the world.

A significant portion of a company’s online traffic comes from backlinking. This is especially true when promoting a new product or sharing unique research data. People trust backlinks to take them directly to the source of the related information. It saves them the hassle of trying to find the page themselves.

To learn more about backlinking, you can view these resources:

One of the reasons why Google Search has become so popular is because it is considered the most reliable mainstream search engine. The brand can’t maintain that reputation if it allows people to manipulate the algorithm. When fake links and harmful articles are at the top of the results, people trust Google less.

Unfortunately, this also harms genuine companies who want to promote their services. In 2012, Google cracked down on backlinking, resulting in an instant decline in the practice. Since then, Google has implemented technology to detect content made to manipulate the search engine. 

If Google suspects you of this, your page will be completely removed from search results, and your account may be banned. Wikipedia shares Google’s sentiments. Pages suspected of being used for marketing are denied publication and may result in account deletion.

To safely backlink, fewer is better. However, this does not decrease your chances of success. A skilled SEO writer can optimize the page without needing to spam links.

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