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Local SEO Link Building

Local SEO Link Building

What Is Link Building for a Local Business, and Where Do You Find Opportunities?

Local link building plays a pivotal role in enhancing the SEO strategy for your local business, whether it operates from a brick-and-mortar store or exists exclusively in the online sphere. This practice is instrumental in elevating your local search rankings.

Nevertheless, the task of discovering pertinent and high-caliber links poses a formidable challenge. In this context, acquiring insights into effective strategies for identifying prospects, employing suitable tools, and even procuring links from reputable sources becomes crucial.

Mastering the complexities of local link-building is integral to navigating the intricacies of digital marketing. By focusing on local search, optimizing for local search results, and curating local content, you can significantly bolster your business’s online presence and, consequently, its search engine rankings.

What Is Link Building for a Local Business and Where Do You Find Opportunities
Whats a Local Link

What’s a Local Link?

When considering link building, your attention is directed towards securing links from authoritative domains that connect back to your website. In fact, the goal is to acquire as many of these links as possible!

Nevertheless, smaller enterprises may encounter challenges in obtaining links, particularly if they lack widespread recognition. Consequently, it’s crucial to grasp the role of relevancy in this context. Social media engagement, outreach efforts, local citations, and focusing on local keywords are essential strategies. Small businesses can leverage local backlinks to demonstrate that trusted entities within the community endorse and trust their brand.

Generally, local SEO professionals focus on:

Building citation lists

Correcting NAP information (Name, Address, and Phone Number)

Building links from other local websites

Creating hyperlocal content

These things can establish an online presence within the search engine result pages for local terms.

You may also be placed in the local map pack because you’ve updated your Google Search Business Profile and have organic results for localized keywords.

If you’re focused on earning local links, you should consider:

Another problem is that websites in your local area might be small and aren’t considered authoritative. Therefore, you shouldn’t focus on DA metrics. Even if the website features a low domain authority, it might be valuable to get a link from them rather than choosing The New York Times, Huffington Post, or Forbes because they are relevant to the local market.

If youre focused on earning local links you should consider
Getting Links from Authoritative Sites 1

Getting Links from Authoritative Sites

Getting quality backlinks from well-known and large websites is helpful, but local businesses have to deal with restrictions. A lot of the time, they don’t have the money to make material that meets the standards of these well-known publishers.

Setting big goals is important, but some things might not be worth the work. Notably, local companies can only operate in their own area. For example, if your business is in New York, getting customers from San Francisco doesn’t mean much!

It’s important to think about how backlinks affect your ranking and the people you want to reach. Instead of focusing only on competitors’ backlinks or trying to reach as many people as possible, you should focus on making a piece of content that speaks to your local audience and is in line with important ranking factors.

Building Citations

The major focus is on building backlinks from trustworthy websites to improve the credibility of your site. The goal is to get as many of these links as possible. Nevertheless, smaller enterprises may encounter challenges in acquiring links, particularly if they lack widespread recognition. Hence, it becomes crucial to recognize the significance of relevancy in this context.

The algorithm governing search engine optimization (SEO) plays a pivotal role in this scenario. Crafting a robust local SEO strategy is essential, and one effective avenue is through the optimization of business listings. By strategically employing various link-building tactics, businesses can enhance their visibility and appeal to local customers.

Local links play a vital role in conveying trust and endorsement from entities within a specific geographic area. Integrating these links into landing pages can significantly strengthen the connection between your brand and local customers. Generally, local SEO professionals focus on:

Building Citations 1
How to Make a Backlinking Plan Work Better for Local SEO

How to Make a Backlinking Plan Work Better for Local SEO

Local SEO places a strong emphasis on geographical relevance. Begin by identifying local influencers, businesses, and community websites as part of your local link-building strategy to enhance your local SEO. Establishing connections with these entities can result in high-quality, location-specific backlinks that are highly valued by search engines.

Give priority to regional directories and online channels. Since search engines rely on this information to confirm local relevance, ensure that your business information is accurate and consistent across all platforms.

Collaborating with nearby businesses, participating in neighborhood events, and forming local alliances can contribute to the creation of organic backlinks, enhancing your website’s credibility and local online presence.

Make use of Google My Business, anchor text optimization, and engagement with local news sites. These elements play a crucial role in reinforcing your local link-building strategies. Encourage the generation of user-generated content and local customer reviews. Motivate customers to share their experiences through reviews and social media posts, creating authentic backlinks that appeal to both search engines and local customers.

Leveraging these personalized backlinking tactics can elevate your website’s local search ranking and attract your target audience.

Where to Find Opportunities for Link Building for a Local Business

Most SEO experts believe that link building for a local business isn’t natural or beneficial. However, they must get creative because they’re not working for a large brand.

There may be fewer opportunities for local links because you’re fighting to rank with hyperlocal keywords that don’t have the search volume to back them up. Plus, you deal with websites with low DA.

If you owned a local sandwich shop, you might search for links from:

Use a Link Tool

Majestic, SEMrush and Ahrefs are the standard SEO tools for researching links. However, there are others that can be beneficial. The initial step involves assessing your business website’s position within its niche and evaluating the competitiveness of achieving a higher ranking.

Identify keywords that bring value to your business and scrutinize other companies occupying the first page of SERPs. Analyze the links they have acquired and aim to secure similar ones for your business. Since these businesses are your direct competitors, many of the links they’ve obtained are likely relevant to your specific target audience and market.

By comparing the lists you’ve compiled, you can identify potential link opportunities for your business. It’s advisable to strive for acquiring the same links as your competitors to establish a level playing field. However, exercise caution and vet these links to ensure they are authoritative and of high quality. Remember that a low-quality link can be more detrimental than having no links at all!

Other Link Opportunities

Once you have researched the competition and know what links they’ve used, you can work on getting more quality links than the other businesses.

Press Coverage

Explore local businesses to discover their press coverage and observe how they've established links within the local space, even if it pertains to a different niche. This exploration will provide insights into their strategies for connecting with the target audience, creating internal links, and reaching potential customers.

Social Media

Aside from sending people directly to your site, social media backlinks are also useful because search engines see them as trustworthy recommendations. For search engines, sharing your information on social media means it's interesting and relevant.

Posts on social media sites frequently have high domain authority, which makes links from these sites especially useful for improving your site's SEO. By constantly interacting with your audience, encouraging content sharing, and filling out your social profiles with relevant keywords, you can use social media for SEO.

Also, joining discussions about your business and working with influential people can help your content reach more people and get more backlinks. When it comes to keeping ahead in digital marketing, as search engines keep changing, having a strong social media strategy is becoming more and more important.

Local Blogs & Writers

Explore the thriving businesses in your immediate vicinity. Identify easily accessible opportunities to discover local blogs and writers, establish links, and identify websites interested in promoting or previously endorsing these businesses. Enhance brand awareness within the local community by leveraging your business name and optimizing the backlink profile.

Local Review Sites

You should also find businesses with plenty of traction and run those web pages through your link profile analysis tool. Visit Yelp and other review sites to see the most reviewed companies.

They might not relate to your needs, but they can still give you promotional opportunities and information within the local space.

The lists might be extensive, but you can comb through them to find related and obtainable options. Just remember that they won’t all be usable for you.

That’s okay because the point is to find some diamonds in the rough to build connections with others in the local area who have influence.


Link building for a local business can be extremely tough. There are so many things to do, and that requires time and energy to research opportunities. 

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Frequently asked questions

Link building is where you get other sites to link back to yours. Generally, business owners and marketers are highly interested in this idea because it helps drive traffic and boost domain authority (DA).

With link building, you:

  • Get more credibility in the market
  • Have higher search engine rankings
  • Receive more web traffic
  • Get better SEO scores and site metrics
  • More chances for revenue
  • Improve relationships in your niche
  • Stand apart as a voice of authority

Google wants to provide the most relevant information to searchers. If you have quality links from others, it shows that you are the voice of authority and wish to spread correct data.

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